Believer/Adventurer/Music Lover/Traveler/Quote Addict/Football Fan/Optimist/Foodie/Tattoo Enthusiast/Whiskey and Wine
I LOVE photography... but you know what I love even more... People! My love of photography does not just come from knowing the technical aspects of a camera, but from the human spirit that steps in front of the camera.  Everyone has a story to tell and my mission is to help others visually tell their stories through the power of photography. Photography is one of the only art forms that can actually freeze time and leave behind an icon or a legacy. It can also be a truly powerful tool to inform the world of pain, suffering, and struggle, but also absolute joy, rejoicing, and celebrating. There is power in photography; it can unite and it can immediately transport you back to that exact moment in time when then shutter was pushed. Talk about amazing! 
I specialize in portrait, advertising, commercial, and music photography, but if you have a story to tell, no matter what that story is, I would love to help you capture it!  
I have worked all over the US and am currently based in Nashville, TN.
My photography has been published in Wild Heart Magazine, Country Weekly, Chicago Magazine, and LO Profile Magazine. I've had large companies such as Nissan hire me. 



A little more about me and some things I like to do....


Spending time with family and close friends-

Though they may be far away, I make every effort to spend as much time as possible with my family and close friends.  


Philanthropy and Volunteering-Annette truly believes volunteering is good for the soul! Check out the Philanthropy gallery to see more!

Traveling- I've  been to Ireland, Great Britain, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, France, Netherlands, Italy, and Mexico. So many more places to visit!

Music- I listens to EVERYTHING and really enjoys seeing my friends out doing what they love and hearing original music. I thinks it's cool to see my work help promote artists and musicians. I have loved music since being a small kid (see awesome NKOTB fan club pic below!). I own 3 guitars and a harmonica and can't really play any of them well... but all it takes is 3 chords and the truth right!?

Sports... especially Football!- I am a KC Chiefs fan. I won my fantasy football league this year... which was slightly won by choosing the best looking players... but let's not judge. If anyone would like to introduce me to Travis Kelce, I would greatly appreciate that! I also love to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes, Mizzou, and  a Predators fan...maybe


Social Media- I spend way too much time on social media and should probably seek therapy for it, but it's too much fun to give up.

Tattoos- I am a tattoo enthusiast and have 9 so far.  My favorite tattoo shop is Bad Donkey Tattoo in Osage Beach MO and getting a tattoo at Black 13 in Nashville is on my to do list. Thankfully I have good friends who are tattoo artist because i am definitely a photographer, not a person who can draw... as you can see by the lovely artwork below.

Whiskey, Wine, and Beer- I don't enjoy these necessarily at the same time, but definitely a fan of all of them.


Unicorns, Bacon, Wonder Woman and Batman, Alice in Wonderland, Caffeine, the word AWESOME and Motivational Quotes- Random mix right, but these are some of my favorite things that could be lumped together in one gallery of awesomeness!

Bathroom Grafitti- I am easily entertained by bathroom "art." So much so that I "published" a book of Bathrooms around Nashville. You can follow this obsession on my Instagram account dedicated just to bathroom art at bathroom_stall



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Twitter- @AnnetteKay80 (though I have no idea how to use Twitter so the other two are probably your best bet!)